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Pioneer Capital is an investment company located in Oslo, Norway.


Pioneer Capital is an investment company with its head office in Oslo, Norway. The company is owned and run by entrepreneurs. The Company was founded in 2010 and has since then enjoyed a successful investment period with superior returns and value appreciation.

Pioneer Capital’s business idea is to invest in Nordic growth companies together with outstanding entrepreneurs.
Investments are done either alone or in partnerships.

The Adolfsen Group is the name for a group of separate companies where the brothers Kristian and Roger Adolfsen are major shareholders, or have a large and influential ownership.

The Group operates within a number of business areas. Details can be read at


“He who leads into the unknown and prepares the journey for others to follow…”

Pioneer Capital has a team with years of experience within finance- and entrepreneurship. The team is behind the development of a number of successful companies. In addition, the team has a strong track-record in divesting investments at favorable market times.

TWS Logistics provides a wide selection of different customized supply chain solutions based on our customers constantly changing needs. Founded as a contrary to the majors in 2009 with flexibility and availability as our fundamental ideas, we have come a long way with several internationally strong brands in our client portfolio.

Semine has developed the accounting robot SEMINE, which utilizes artificial intelligence to automate accounting and invoice management for companies, accounting agencies and the public sector. The market for accounting services will changing rapidly over the coming years, driven by increased digitalisation and automation. Semine will be a key player driving these changes. By delivering superior quality services, enabling new insights using line-item data while also enabling cost savings for customers, Semine aims to become a leading player within the accounting market.

Arbaflame produces renewable biofuel (Arbacore(TM) wood pellets) that replaces coal and reduces greenhouse gases by 90%. Arbaflame’s proprietary production process yields high-value bi-products, biochemicals, with significant positive environmental impact. Arbacore has superior qualities and economics compared to available alternatives. Patented process which will revolutionize the biofuel market with a superior product to currently available.